Get some Grape (Cosmic) Space Dust Vintage sizzling candy back in your life!

Posted by Pete , The Christian Design Guy at

Do you remember the good ol' days when candy could blow up your intestines? (Or so they said...)
Well, get those gut-busting feelings back in the bowls of your life again! We have the coolest 2x3 magnet with the original art from those most delicious packs you remember - Grape - just look at that art! Why in the world does art no longer have this same flair? We lived in such a cool pocket on time back then - they just don't do "cool" like they used to. Bring a smile to your face every day as you have this stuck on your refrigerator, toolbox, or office file cabinet....reflect on the good old days again, where 100% artificially flavored sizzling candy never made you feel so alive!
Keep your eye open for more of our cool retro memories, coming to life.
Blessings to you,
- The Christian Design Guy
- Pete

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