Be the [Ultimate] PRAYER WARRIOR!

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God created us to have a CLOSE relationship with HIM! How can we expect to know God, be close to Him, or even think that we have any power when we pray, if prayer is just a "habit" before we eat - or a get out of jail free card in time of trouble?
To know God, to experience His true power, blessing and peace in our lives - we need to know more about him - we need to take time to talk with him. Like ANYTHING in life prayer takes dedication - it takes practice! It needs to become a priority - if we want to experience SUPERNATURAL power that comes along with a close relationship with the one who spoke everything into existence!! Think of this - the ALMIGHTY one, who created all, knows all, and is all powerful - is the same God we call on every time we pray. It's time we take this seriously. Learn the names of God. Learn to ask him like we should, as taught to us in James chapter 1. As seen in the movie War Room - it is critical to find a time and place to talk to Almighty God, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit every single day. If we as Christians band together in prayer like this, things can change, God is faithful to his promises!
Become the ULTIMATE PRAYER WARRIOR....we hope our exclusive t-shirt design helps you become more bold & show that you have chosen to search out supernatural power in your life, through prayer!
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Blessings to you today!
- The Christian Design Guy
- Pete

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