Custom Logo Design

Do you need a custom logo designed - or maybe just need a design element for your project? Well, you found just the right guy. Hi - I'm the Christian Design Guy, and I bring you 20+ years of **PROFESSIONAL** design experience!


Whether you need a logo created or a whole company rebranding - I have that experience! Any design and marketing needs you may have - I'm your guy. I may not be the cheapest guy in town. I am definitely NOT in competition with college kids and "friends of the family" - I am a professional and have led creative teams of designers in the corporate world, so I know what it takes to "succeed". I also have a partner that can handle ANY programming and website building, hosting, e-mail needs! We both are believers in Jesus FIRST, but also experts in our field.


I decided 10+ years ago that I did not want to work for a boss anymore, and wanted to see my kids grow up, so I made the decision to fly solo and work from home ( well....I get to work with my best friend!! ). Sometimes it can be hard to pay the bills, but God is faithful to provide for our needs.


Enough Background....


YOU NEED SOMETHING DESIGNED.....for you, your church or business. Please contact me - I'd love to talk about partnering with YOU!


Blessings to you!