It’s 2020, and make no mistake, Jesus is in complete control. At the moment of this writing, the world is in quarantine, families are asked to stay in their homes, much work has either ceased or been slowed down, and children are home from school.

First glance, it seems like the devil’s tactic is prevailing to divide and conquer the church. Fear, panic, and anxiety are all around – it’s a global pandemic, they say. The Father is not sitting on His Throne wringing His hands in worry, He is completely God, He is completely confident, and He is completely in control. What the devil meant to harm us on this large scale, God is turning for His good – this comes in the form of opportunity. 

  • This free digital PDF download is a prayer guideline for the remnant of the body of Christ. 
  • What if we commit 40 hours, 1 hour a day, with a specific unified prayer agenda - for the sole purpose of knowing better the heartbeat of Jesus?

This is a very short read. I am not an author or Pastor. I have not had this proofread by anyone, it is raw and unedited. I do however love Jesus, spend time with Jesus, and I believe if you take a few minutes, He has something special for you in this.

Much love, your brother in Christ!

Peter Wagg