ZeroThree™ - Strength In Numbers | Men's Christian T-Shirt


  • $ 21.95

Zero Three - Exclusive brand. This modified Chi-Rho symbol is bringing back the power of the original symbol of Christ Jesus, the Godhead 3-in-1 - ZeroThree Christian t-shirt.

Who likes comfy, soft and quality t-shirts?!?.....WE DO - hey, you can have one too. :)

- Our 1 color (grey) ZeroThree logo tee - Strength in Numbers - Together we can change lives! - See pics for design and layout.

- Offered in our standard fit 'midnight' navy blue heathered tees, available in Adult sizes.

- Sleeve print is branded with the ZeroThree CHI-RHO symbol infused with the Trinity/Godhead symbol.

**What's up with this symbol?

Our symbol is based on the Chi-Rho symbol, that was used in heavy time of persecution against the early church. Believers used this symbol as a secret mark to identify themselves with each other as they hid themselves in caves to avoid the death penalty. ZeroThree ™ at it's core meaning is the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Take the mark in identity of a Jesus follower - and Join the brotherhood and sisterhood known as  ZeroThree™


This design is copyright 2019 © NeverSayDie  - Sorry I have to post this, but too many "Christians" are stealing my designs, it's not OK. 


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