I AM the Lion's Den | UPSIDEDOWN KINGDOM™ Christian T-shirt

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  • $ 23.95

UPSIDEDOWN KINGDOM  is a new brand that highlights Kingdom principles. Almost everything in the Kingdom of God is opposite to what we have been trained to believe in this world - by faith we dwell in a supernatural place - it's an upside down kingdom!

If we have Jesus Christ living in us, and He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, then we ARE THE LION'S DEN......The Lion lives inside this den of our body!

So...let the LION ROAR! 


This 2022 design features a one color design printed on 2 areas of the shirt - as seen on these pics.

  • Offered in our Classic fit, unisex adult size - soft tee (scroll for color choices)
  • Design is a PREMIUM, SUPER SOFT 1  color print
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    This design is copyright 2022 © NeverSayDie  - Sorry I have to post this, but too many "Christians" are stealing my designs, it's not OK. 

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