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EZK 37  Christian t-shirt brand is based off of the powerful truth that prophesies over dead bones to come back to life. It's a call to action for the body of Christ Jesus, to rise up - to come back to life, and in these last days WALK IN THE POWER of our Messiah! When WE get it, then we pass it on - freely we have received, freely we must give - it's the gospel message to all who will receive it.

The year 2020 is a banner year in our lives! The battle amped up a notch in 2020, so we MARK the year and claim it as VICTORY ....calling all DRY BONES TO LIFE!

The design is pretty self explanatory, but we, the dry bones, are ALIVE - ignited by the fire and breath of God - from His throne comes thunder and lightning. All hail King Jesus!

The verse reads: 

This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Look! I am going to put breath into you and make you live again! - Ezekiel 37:5


  • Offered in a black & dark red tee and features a 1 color t-shirt design - See pics for color variations, design and layout. Large 12 inch design on front.
  • Purposely DISTRESSED, and soft - made to get more distressed and "battle worn" wash after wash!
  • Design name:  "ALIVE 2020"
  • Offered in our soft unisex regular fit adult size short sleeve, also available in other custom size just ASK!

    Customize t-shirts for your church ministry or youth group - custom Christian tee design

    Customize this tee with your ministry, church or youth group logo!

    This design is copyright 2020 © NeverSayDie | DBA ChristianTshirtGuy  - Sorry I have to post this, but too many "Christians" are stealing my designs, it's not OK. 


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