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COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has now hit globally. What is the Christian response? Are you in fear? Do you really believe God's Word, in the Holy Scriptures, our Psalm 91 protection? The Bible tells us that we are virus-free, that no plague will come near our home. Are you SPIRIT FILLED? If so, you can TRUST His protection over you. Wear this T-shirt to bring hope to those in fear all around you!


NeverSayDie™ is an exclusive brand of Christian Design Guy. [Christian apparel, t-shirts, decals]. 26 years in the making - NSD (Never Say Die) is the original Christian clothing brand for the warriors, kicking enemy booty for decades now, in the apparel industry. Come & get some! 


This 2020 NSD™ "Spirit Filled COVID-19 VIRUS-FREE" design features a 1 color design printed on 3 areas of the shirt - as seen on these pics ( every color shirt is printed on front, back and sleeve). 

  • Offered in our regular fit, unisex adult size
  • Offered in several colors. Check the box to choose color. 
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  • (T-shirt only, accessories not included:)


    This design is copyright 2020 © NeverSayDie  - Sorry I have to post this, but too many "Christians" are stealing my designs, it's not OK. 


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